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Ever feel like the Internet knows you? Why the shoes your were just looking at on a website are now in an ad on a totally unrelated web search? This specialized form of targeted marketing is known as Data Science. The concept is to use data from consumer behaviour to convert online browsers to customers making purchases.  

The idea of big data is to create statistical models based on several large data sets which include things like demographics, spending habits and loyalty program information to create consumer segments. These segments allow companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customer groups in order to market more efficiently to them. The goal is to increase conversion to purchase by targeting each group with customized ads that resonate with that particular group.

Hotels have a variety of customer groups that make up their clientele. For example, the business traveler may pay more for a room than a family of 4 on budget vacation. Big data models help hoteliers identify these customer groups and use targeted advertising which can lead to more reservations and higher revenues. This information spans beyond what your website alone can provide. A casual internet search can turn into higher average daily rate (ADR) and  revenue per available room (RevPAR) if the right ad is placed in the right spot to the right customer group.

So what does this mean for you as a hotel owner?  

In today’s market not all guests are created equal so blanket promotions must become a thing of the past. Data Science is the future and here’s why:

  • It’s one thing to focus on repeat guests but how can you attract the guests in the first place?  
    • Big data models provide you the information you need to target the right customer segments and convert them into guests.  Using the right marketing tools, your conversion rate could skyrocket!
  • Meeting the expectations of each individual guest is the key to guaranteed revenue.
    • For some, it’s the trip of a lifetime. They spend money on fine dining, entertainment and spa treatments. For others, it’s an average monthly business trip, quick and simple. Data science can provide deeper insight into these behavioural patterns so you can promote packages and send targeted emails and ads to right people at the right time.  
  • Data Science can also help you get more bang for your buck in ensuring that each room yields the highest RevPAR possible.  
    • Layering on key consumer behaviours and habits onto the traditional pricing elements of high and low season, local events, weather patterns, big data models can drive more strategic pricing in order to maximize RevPAR.

We have all witnessed the speed of technology and how rapidly things change in the digital  arena. Captivating user experience is the key to success. Data science and big data is the future of hotel marketing and guest conversion.  Your website alone will not provide you with the information you need to grab the attention of your future guests.

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