The Holiday Season is Here!

The busy season for your hotel has officially kicked off! Arm yourself with the tools to conquer the market!

The travel industry has dramatically changed over the last 20 years. 80% of travel booking is now done online and having a strong online presence guarantees your hotel will shine in this virtual marketplace. More specifically, mobile is KING! Over 50% of online bookings are made with a mobile device.

Hopefully these facts have you thinking about your hotel in particular.

Is your current website mobile ready? Do you have the latest features needed to lock in online bookings?

This is where we can help. NS Media has the expertise to help you  build your online presence. We offer a variety of services to make sure your hotel stands out in the digital world. Take control of your future, you can’t afford not to!

To get your creative juices flowing, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to have a strong digital footprint:

  • Your hotel website: Sure, your hotel brand provides you with a website where guests can find your property and make reservations. But is this site really working hard to differentiate your hotel from another hotel in the same brand or even your competitors?
    • Think of your website as a virtual “storefront” that can help highlight features and amenities that may otherwise get lost in the brand sites. Much like an actual storefront, your hotel website represents your property in the digital space. With your own website, you can market and ‘sell’ your hotel by highlighting amenities, area attractions, and upcoming events. It allows YOU to have control on the potential customers’ perception of your hotel.
  • OTA Collaboration: Online Travel Agents, like Expedia and, are a key marketing tool that should be used to unlock a major chunk of business otherwise unreachable.
    • 50% of customers prefer to book rooms using an OTA. Therefore, the more visible your property is on these sites the more likely they are to be booked.  OTA’s also spend a large amount of money on search engine rankings to position themselves at the top of any results page, often above official hotel websites. Although OTA’s charge a commission to hotel owners, the value that they bring from a depth and breadth of online penetration cannot be ignored. Leverage OTA’s strategically to fill vacancies.
  • Social Media:  For us non-millennials, this is a fairly new concept used to conduct business. However, there are some very compelling  facts that show that social media is a tool that can no longer be ignored.
    • 75% of social media users look at a business Facebook profile before buying from them. Facebook now has 1.3 Billion users worldwide who, on average, check their Facebook page 5 or more times a day. 44% of consumers are more likely to learn about a new travel brand on Twitter. Social media platforms allow you to interact with your guests as well as connect with a wide range of potential consumers, internationally, 24 hours a day. The goal is to maintain relationships and reputation and inform your followers and targeted audience about promotions, specials and what’s new in your area or property.

Now that you have all this information at your fingertips, you’re wondering how you can catapult your business into the future. NS Media is a leading expert in the field of digital marketing. We can create, enhance and market virtually any website in the travel industry! Call us today and see how we can take your business to the next level!

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